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Our products are sold to chefs, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and food manufacturers.


Our team of flavor experts and culinary team help customers create and execute great cuisine. JMH® delivers practical, cost-effective ways to serve big flavor with less effort.


State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable us to quickly deliver large-batch, full-shift production or small-batch specialty runs.

Chef’s Corner

Our Clarified Stock Concentrates are unlike any other product in the industry. Intense, stock-first glace reductions of classically prepared stocks deliver the quality you desire. This base can be fortified with dramatically less bone or shells to rival any scratch stock and contains less sodium than traditional meat-first bases. Designed to replace classically prepared stocks, these concentrates provide you with bold clear flavors for use in Sauces, Jus, and Consommés. Available in: Chicken, Beef and Lobster; Trans Fat-Free, Gluten-Free and no added MSG.

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Product Highlight


Demi Glacé Concentrate
Create world-class Demi-Glace and eliminate reduction time, while reducing costs and labor and boosting yield. Use as directed or as a starting point for additional derivative sauces.