Below are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here or you need more information, please CONTACT US or call 888-741-4564.

Can I buy your products online?

Simple answer: No, not directly from our website. We sell our products, in bulk, to distributors, or minimum quantities (250 lbs.) directly to customers. For more information please contact us.

Are any of your products gluten free?

Yes, many of our products are gluten free. To find these products, please click here to go to our PRODUCT MATRIX.

What are Flavor Bases?

Flavor Bases are pastes and stock concentrates of cooked Meat, Poultry, Seafood and Vegetables which significantly enhance flavor. Most of our Bases are MEAT-FIRST (which will be listed as the first ingredient if this is the case) which start with premium, quality meat, poultry and seafood.

How can I use JMH® and FiveStar® Bases with my existing recipes?

Use our bases, sauces or seasoning blends to replace or enhance particular flavors: e.g. add a teaspoon of chicken base to your chicken breast when roasting, use our garlic base to replace fresh garlic, and may replace any “broth”.

Is it necessary to dissolve Bases in water before use in cooking?

No, our Bases blend easily with other ingredients, but it is suggested to cook thoroughly before serving / consuming.

Do you make Custom Formulas?

Yes, please contact us to discuss.

You have reduced sodium and low sodium products.  What is the difference?

A reduced sodium product must be a minimum of 25% lower in sodium than the product you are comparing it to. Because there is no set number for reduced sodium, be careful when looking at reduced sodium products to find the actual amount of sodium. Some ‘reduced sodium’ products are still fairly high in sodium. Low Sodium is a defined amount of sodium in a serving size of a product. Low Sodium products contains 140 mg (or less) of sodium.