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Gravy Concentrates

Our gravy concentrates offer a consistent, scratch-made look, taste and texture.

• roux-like paste concentrates yield thick, rich gravies

Chicken Gravy Mix

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Whether you pour gravy over meat loaf, fried chicken or turkey and mashed potatoes, comfort foods continue to be what people crave.

Demi Glacé Concentrates

Create world-class Demi-Glace and eliminate reduction time, while reducing costs and labor and boosting yield. Use as directed or as a starting point for additional derivative sauces. Packed in a pouch, it can be portioned and used to fortify pan sauces.

We have Demi Glacé Starter in Beef/Veal and Chicken.

The over reduction of any sauce results in bitterness and flavor loss. This process is very hard to control and produce consistently. JMH DEMI GLACE STARTER is designed and formulated to:

• Increase consistency of flavor and thickness of sauces.

• Free up time for preparation of other items.

• Reduce waste and handling of costly labor-intensive ingredients.

In general this product can be customized to your specific preparation methods and application. Adding more or less wine, tomato product, fat, mirepoix, aromatics will change the properties but not compromise the quality and versatility of the Demi-Glace starter. The Starter may be used to create a Demi-Glace sauce or mixed with stock as an extender for turning veal stock into Glace de Viande.