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Tastebud Adventure

Try one of these adventurous flavored marinades that you can soak raw foods in or cook into flavor and tenderize.

Bulgogi Marinade Sauce
Item: 49029
A popular commercial Korean flavor. This Soy, Sesame and Garlic flavored sauce is great for marinating meats and for dipping or saucing cooked meats and vegetables. Traditional Bulgogi is thinly sliced, against the grain rib-eye steak prepared on a hibachi grill, broiled in the oven, or pan-fried. Bulgogi can be served as a main dish over a bowl of hot steamy white rice or as a component in other Korean dishes such as japchae or lettuce wraps.

Gochujang Sauce
Item: 49154
Gochujang Sauce is a traditional Korean Hot Pepper Paste, used as a seasoning or dipping sauce. Applications include as a dressing for Bibimbap and Hoedeobap, as well as salad dressings, marinades, soups and stir-fry. Gochujang is a complex Korean condiment with savory, spicy, pungent, sweet, tangy and fermented flavors. Contains No GMO’s.

Adobo Sauce (GMO Free)
Item: 5361
JMH Adobo Sauce is a smooth, thin textured, smokey chipotle sauce. Its main ingredients are chile peppers, garlic and vinegar – tomatoes, onions, and a variety of herbs and spices complete the flavor. It is a versatile seasoning sauce for all chipotle applications. You can use adobo sauce to marinate all types of meat before cooking, cook meat in the sauce, or use it as a condiment. Use JMH Adobo sauce to spice up your soups, sauces, rice and vegetables.

Finishing Sauces

While our sauces deliver chef-made quality, they also deliver consistency. Your customer will be satisfied no matter which location the dish is prepared and served/sold. These rich sauces also hold well on steam tables.

Hollandaise Sauce Mix
Item: 49136
Our restaurant-quality Hollandaise Sauce Mix pairs rich, real egg with a hint of lemon, and by just adding milk and butter, it gives this sauce a satin smooth texture in just minutes. This mix is a dry powder which has a 24 month self-life.

Cheese Sauce Mix
Item: 92046
JMH® Cheese Sauce creates a viscous cheese sauce with processed and cheddar cheese notes when combined with water or milk. Great for Macaroni and Cheese, as a topping for potatoes or vegetables or as a base for soup.

Sauce Assistance

Create delectable dishes with our sauce mixes or incorporate them into your existing recipes. Save time, money and create consistency.

Sauce Mix for Chicken Pot Pie
Item: 4921
Our Chicken Pot Pie Sauce is a great starter… ready in minutes, it imparts a savory chicken flavor with a satiny gravy texture. Suitable for cook-up and freeze-thaw applications.

Cream Soup Base
Item: 9275

This savory, shelf-stable, powder is designed for maximum flavor and functionality. Just add water and boil and this sauce will perform as a stand alone Béchamel Sauce or as a foundation for your Cream Soup, Alfredo Sauce, Country Gravy, Besciamella, or Mornay. Steam table and freeze-thaw stable.

Beef Chilimak’R
Item: FS727-40
A simple combination of spices combined to create a multipurpose spice blend that makes preparing delicious chili a snap. This chili- flavored paste that can be used in food applications where a rich beefy chili flavor is desired.